The perfect combination of productivity and affordability.

The Housby Mixer System is a direct response to customer requests for a better, more productive mixer product and support system. It’s an innovative solution that delivers advanced specifications and seamless support at a competitive price. As a result, its earned nationwide recognition for superior reliability, performance, and driver/mechanic acceptance.

Both local and direct Housby support is available.

For pricing and specifications
If you’re looking for greater productivity and uptime at a competitive price, you owe it to yourself to discover the advantages of adding Housby Mixer Systems to your fleet. To schedule a visit to our facility or yours, contact a Housby team member today.

Housby B5 Bridge Formula
The Housby B5 Bridge Formula mixer truck includes detachable frame mounting brackets. The pivot utilizes a large pin and twin split tapered sleeves with common Hendrickson bushing. The B5 has an improved pullout design ladder with a constant 16 degree slope, a tubular-designed handrail for safety, and a self-cleaning, non-slip tread surface on the rungs and upper platform. The main, fold-over, and extensions have been reengineered for added strength and are capable of interchanging with current industry design.

Housby F5 Standard
The Housby F5 Standard mixer truck includes an Eaton heavy-duty Series 1 Module 54 variable displacement pump and motor. The heavy duty electric fan is thermostatically controlled with a manual override feature. The industry-leading gearbox allows for high output torque, while the state-of-the-art ZF Industries P7300 planetary gearbox, 144.3 to 1 ratio, delivers 53,100 ft lbs. of max output torque. The advanced microprocessor control system incorporates multiple safety and diagnostic capabilities. Constant speed and drum start/stop are standard, as well as rear pendant control.

Housby Mixer Systems Parts & Service
For customers seeking the complete Housby experience, we provide direct, single-source parts and service support. Those who prefer to handle both truck and mixer service in their home markets, support is available through a select network of local truck dealers.

In either case, we are committed to unparalleled quality and productivity, tailored to the needs of each ready mix customer.

One year for parts – service if performed at an approved repair facility.

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