Housby is the Midwest’s authorized K-Tec ADT Scraper Dealer

K-Tec Scrapers Logo
Housby is pleased to add K-Tec ADT Scrapers to our ever-expanding line of equipment and services.

“We have built strong partnerships with a diverse range of customers in the construction industry, and we’re very optimistic about bringing K-Tec’s premium construction scrapers into our product offerings,” said Kelly Housby, partner at Housby Heavy Equipment. “Both Housby Heavy Equipment and K-Tec put customers at the center of our business as a priority, so with these common values, we look forward to future success.”

K-Tec’s ADT scraper models range in size from 28 to 63 cubic yards, with the ability to be pulled in train configuration for a total heaped capacity of 74 cubic yards in a variety of job environments. K-Tec Earthmovers currently has units working in a wide range of conditions including; road building, site development, coal fields, farm field leveling, ditching and civil engineering projects.

K-Tec Earthmovers stands behind it’s scrapers with a market leading 3-Year structural warranty on new scrapers, which will complement the quality equipment that Housby Heavy Equipment already provides to their customers.


Aaron Coleman – acoleman@housby.com – 319-784-7424